The five Values ​​of Tecres

Today, our products contribute to improving the living conditions of more than 2 million people every year. Knowing that so many people rely on a Tecres product drives us in our constant commitment to improvement, aware of the social importance of our products. That's why every day we work inspired by our 5 Corporate Values. Our Values derive directly from our Mission and guide the commitment and efforts of the group's more than 200 employees. They guard our identity, preserving it from the inevitable changes that we experience every day. They keep our feet firmly planted on the ground but raise our gaze, looking to the future with enthusiasm, towards new challenges that will allow us to make people's lives even better.

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Sense of Belonging

We proudly bring the best of our work into the world, realized with dedication and responsibility, thanks to the union of the skills and energy of all Tecres men and women.

We are Tecres, with our values and our daily commitment. In order to let Tecres be alive, grow and develop over time, it is necessary that every person within the organization feel Tecres as its own, rejoice in successes and feel responsible in facing big and small daily challenges. The Sense of Belonging is the Value that reminds us that we are all called to a commitment that goes beyond the fulfillment of a role, of a task: what makes the difference is to recognize oneself as part of a community that is passionate and responsible, determined, ready to change and evolve, always respecting its fundamental values. To say all this, to remind us the wonderful community that we are, we have dressed the symbolic figure of a man-sky with profiles of men and women. Tecres men and women: many different identities, united around our logo, moving into the future.

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We put all our energy into acting with joy, enthusiasm and tenacity for our goals. It is never being tired and never be satisfied. It is lifting our sight to see, beyond.

"Passion" is an important and challenging word, because abstract and loaded of shades of meaning at the same time. When we talk about Passion we refer to the importance that the result of our work has in the lives of doctors and patients. To translate this idea of Passion into an illustration, we started from the fire and the heart, without however representing either of them, so as not to be too didactic and not to risk confusing our concept of passion with other meanings. The projection of our Passion is expressed from the movement of abstract elements that from the height of the heart travel outwards and vice versa. A solution that is inspired by the futurist aesthetic and expresses a feeling of strong movement; features that are balanced by the blue sky also contained in the anthropomorphic figure. Our Passion for improving people's lives through our products, is serene and determined.

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We act attentive to people and their ideas, attentive to relationships, to our own and others' roles and commitments; attentive to things, rules and corporate choices.

Tecres' everyday life and organizational capacity live on challenges and goals. We are constantly called to face changes in the market, our competitors and a world in constant dynamism. This gives us energy, and pushes us to be determined. Yet, we know how important it is to interpret our natural inclination to aim high with Respect, which is fundamental for others and for ourselves. Respect that becomes even more important if we think about our Mission, and the centrality of improving people's lives. To represent our idea of Respect, we used the metaphor of the man-sky who, while engaged in his work, knows how to pay attention to a small form of life: a sprout, which can grow and become a tree thanks to the decision not to consider it an obstacle to his project but an element that has value in itself. In this gesture we find a lightness and serenity that take nothing away from the final result but, on the contrary, enrich it.

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We search with optimism and concreteness, enthusiasm and common sense, solutions to the needs of those who, from the inside and the outside, live the Tecres world.

Life and work are movement. Our work, which constantly and deeply has to do with improving people's living conditions, requires great balance. In the representation that we wanted to give, the man-sky is in Balance and at the same time creates Balance, playing with the shapes that we also find in the illustration dedicated to the Passion: a coherence between who we are, what we do and how we do it which for us is fundamental. We asked an artist to tell our work through illustrations not only for the strength with which they emerge through this expressive form, but also because we learn from art (and we are in turn "artists") when we commit ourselves to balance all the internal and external forces that characterize our life and our work.

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Illustrations by Alberto Ruggieri

Willingness to Change

We are open to take up and research the challenges that the world offers us, to find innovative solutions and continuously improve the organization and products.

The man-sky is the element that gives narrative and visual continuity to the illustrations that represent our five fundamental Values. In this project, he plays the role of symbol of Tecres men and women: of all of us. To express the value of the Willingness to Change, we used the metaphor of crossing a threshold: a movement that is first of all internal - it is a disposition, a mental attitude - but with immediate visible manifestations. The color code inside our man-sky, from red to blue, serves to tell this inner dynamic at a glance. The smile with which the man-sky faces change reminds us of the serenity with which we want to live, day after day, the challenges and the unexpected, the path of constant transformation and sharing that leads us to achieve our goals.


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