Tecres was founded in Italy in 1981 by the intuition
of our President Giovanni Faccioli.


“Knowing that our products improve the lives of many people every day.
This is our ambition. This is our reward.”

After an important experience in the world of traumatology, with the foundation of one of the main players in the sector, Giovanni Faccioli decided to create Tecres with a precise mission: to improve the lives of people all over the world.

The awareness that our products allow many people to regain their freedom and independence, is what since 1981 feeds Tecres activities, since then in constant growth.

Every day we study and develop biomaterials and medical devices in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, vertebral consolidation and neurosurgery. The results of our research have enabled us to patent and launch a number of innovative and effective products that have built our brilliant history of success. Some of the most significant products resulting from Tecres research include:

1986 Cemex®, the first bone cement with reduced monomer content

1991 Cemex® System, the first bone cement in a closed all-in-one system

1996 Spacer®-G, the first preformed spacer for PJIs management

2001 Mendec® Cranio and Cranos, acrylic resins and custom made cranial prostheses

2002 Mendec® Spine, the resin for the consolidation of vertebral fractures

2010 Vancogenx®, the line with double antibiotic gentamicin and vancomycin

2013 Cal-Cemex®, the exclusive reinforced bone substitute unique in the world

Our extensive expertise allows us to design and manufacture custom devices for patients with particularly complex conditions, where standard products cannot be used. Our personalized intervention allows us to improve the lives of the most difficult patients, fully realizing our Mission.

Thanks to our efforts we have been able to obtain quality certifications and ministerial registrations in over 70 countries worldwide, including the entire European Union, China, the United States and Japan. Our know-how has allowed us to publish five volumes dedicated to bone cement and the treatment of infections, to conduct more than 250 studies in collaboration with research institutes, and to produce more than 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

A fundamental turning point in our history occurred in 2016, when Tecres became part of the Demetra Group, contributing to the establishment of the world's largest independent manufacturer of acrylic resins for the medical sector, with direct presence in Italy, USA, Germany and China.

Today, our products contribute to improving the living conditions of more than 2 million people every year. Knowing that so many people rely on a Tecres product drives us in our constant commitment to improvement, aware of the social importance of our products. That's why every day we work inspired by our Corporate Values:

Sense of Belonging
Willingness to Change

Our Values derive directly from our Mission and guide the commitment and efforts of the group's more than 200 employees. They keep our identity, preserving it from the inevitable changes that we experience every day.

Our Values keep our feet firmly planted on the ground but raise our gaze, looking to the future with enthusiasm, towards new challenges that will allow us to make people's lives even better.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and hold new ones for exporting our products to over 70 countries around the world

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