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Cranos is a custom‑made PMMA implant made by a highly specialised team. Thanks to our expertise in the clinical application of PMMA, we can develop custom‑made implants that perfectly adapt to the bone defect, even large ones.


A customised solution: Cranos implants are designed based on patients’ tomographic images. That’s why they perfectly adapt to the bone defect, protecting the anatomical thickness of the skull.

Strong and resistant: Cranos implants are made of Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), an acrylic resin widely used for clinical applications. PMMA is safe, biocompatible, and highly resistant. It’s also elastic and withstands small shocks without breaking or deforming. Cranos implants are perfectly visible on X‑rays, since PMMA contains barium
sulphate, a common radiopaque agent. Moreover, Cranos is compatible with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Request procedure

fill out the Cranos request form and send it to Tecres with the CT images taken based on the indicated parameters. X‑ray images should not be more than two months old. Please indicate any request for antibiotic implants, fixation or suspension holes.

Tecres designs the implant after verifying its technical feasibility. 3D images and a demo video show the implant on the bone defect.

the project is shared with the surgeon. If changes are not necessary, the surgeon signs and approves the project.

Cranos is manufactured and delivered sterile. Each packaging contains two kits, one for the implant and the other for the backup. Delivery occurs within 15 days after we receive the signed project. We recommend implanting Cranos within a short time to ensure perfect results when repairing the bone defect.


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