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Tecres celebrates 40 years that are worth 100

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15 November 2021

In the life of a company, just like in the life of a person, we can look at time from a purely quantitative point of view, as if it were purely a straightforward sequence – of minutes, days, months or years: the unit of measurement varies according to the considerations we are called upon to make. However, we can also look at time in its qualitative dimension, and here things become more complicated – and richer – because it consequently acquires a spatial depth, it becomes history, an interweaving of narrative lines that interact in a dynamic fashion, fluctuating between density and rarefaction, accumulations of events and more widely spread out long-term projects and processes.

Since its foundation in 1981, Tecres, the world’s leading independent manufacturer of acrylic resins and medical devices for orthopaedics, vertebroplasty and cranioplasty, has succeeded in building up a credibility and positioning that distinguish it on the international market, thanks to constant research and development and numerous scientific studies published in the most important international medical journals confirming the efficacy and safety of its products. Over time, this credibility has led to its presence on every continent, with an extensive network of official distributors and the creation of partnerships with companies in Germany, the United States and China.

Tecres President Giovanni Faccioli takes stock and looks to the future:

«More than 250 scientific studies on Spacer® preformed spacers alone, more than 1200 clinical cases, a success rate of over 90%. And the most important statistic: more than 2 million people helped every year to regain their natural movement and live a better life. A rigorous scientific approach to research and the best technology allow Tecres to achieve these results, which benefit doctors and their patients alike. It is a source of great satisfaction for me and for all of us to see that our mission has led to tangible results for 40 years. Knowing that our products improve the lives of many people every day. This is our ambition. This is our reward. Every time I stop to observe who we are and what we do, I recognise the truest meaning of these words. And then I convince myself once again that the path to the future is clearly marked out and apparent to all of us, who share solid values in a world and during a time that are difficult to decipher.»

The company’s 40th anniversary coincides with at least two other important milestones in its history: 35 years since the creation of the innovative Cemex® line of bone cements, and 25 years since the creation of Spacer®, the pre-shaped spacer – the first ever, patented by Tecres and a real benchmark in the sector – designed to increase patient safety and minimise the risk of infection in orthopaedic hip, knee and shoulder surgery.

Combining the three important anniversaries – 40 years of the company, 35 years of Cemex® and 25 years of Spacer® – and adopting a qualitative vision of time, capable of perceiving the density of events, we discover that the 40 years of Tecres are actually worth 100. Over and beyond the symbolic value that makes this the leitmotif for celebrating its 40th anniversary, this happy coincidence becomes a stimulus and an inspiration for the company – on every level, from the owners to each individual employee – to look to the future, boosted by an the awareness of the goals it has achieved and its uniqueness in the sector.


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