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BioBall® Adapter Selector™

Modular prosthesis head

How do you identify and why do you document taper geometry on in situ stems during revision? Four reasons why you should know the BioBall® AdapterSelector™.

1. Once a surgeon has decided to leave an existing prosthesis stem in place during revision, visual and haptic inspection of the smooth, reflective surfaces is often not enough to determine what the taper is made of. As a technical and mechanical testing instrument, the BioBall® AdapterSelector™ provides information on whether this is the previously defined taper and whether it is damaged.

2. Many manufacturers offer hip stems with different taper geometries. In addition, patients from other countries, or those who underwent surgery abroad, often have very old or unfamiliar models and no endoprosthesis record cards. The patented BioBall® AdapterSelector™ helps surgeons inspect the stem taper to determine the correct BioBall® Adapter with great certainty.

3. Documented proof that an intraoperative fit check was performed also offers additional security from a legal perspective. If you do a check using the AdapterSelector™ prior to using the BioBall® System, you can document that check in your surgical report.

4. The BioBall® AdapterSelector™ is the only testing instrument worldwide approved for testing taper geometry (incl. FDA). No other instrument in the world allows you to perform an approved, recognised taper geometry check and thus ensure that your selected BioBall® Adapter will fit properly.


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